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Jouni Somero plays Schumann
Arabeske op.18 Carnaval op.9 Etudes Symphoniques op.13
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Jouni Somero piano
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Sonata No.3 op.5 Händel Variations op.24
Jouni Somero piano


Eilamaria Leskinen sopraano Jouni Somero piano


Brahms:3 Intermezzi op.117 Rachmaninov: Sonata No.1 d-moll op.28
DIGITAL 20.9.2019

Bach to You

Jouni Somero, piano


Jouni Somero, piano
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Sergei Bortkiewicz: Piano Works vol.1-4
In general, the Finnish pianist Jouni Somero plays the music more deliberately than Trapmann, which usually translates to slower tempi. Somero seems more in touch with the spirit of the composer; he never drags, but finds enough space to let the music bloom. He uses a wider dynamic range and seems more intereted in exploring the colors of the instrument. Trapmann, whom I praised in my review of his set, now sounds a bit glip in comparison, as if he is reading though the music in order to complete the set. Somero does the music greater justice, compelling the listener to want to hear more. Fanfare Magazin USA Jan/Feb. 2011


Sound quality is very good, though in Volume 2, the piano does sound slightly laboured. The CD booklets are decidedly pro forma. Those able to read Somero's Finnish original do get more information for their money - the Finnish provides extra biographical paragraphs and a cursory description of the works in Somero's programme. There are typos in the English version that occur in both volumes - for example, one instance in which the composer's name is spelt 'Bortkiwicz'.

For anyone who relishes unforgettable melodies harmonised with imagination in superbly crafted, often profound miniatures, these two volumes are unmissable. This promises to be a marvellous series. Musicweb International 11/2011

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All three works in Somero's recital are superbly lyrical, with individual pieces characterised, almost without exception, by unforgettable melody, delectable harmony and irrepressible rhythms sensuously swathed in a mellifluous timelessness, with the well-judged contrastive flourish or outburst of scintillating virtuosity and dramatic intensity. Grieg, Schumann, Liszt, Alkan and early Skriabin are all sometimes brought to mind, but on this disc it is Chopin's spirit that dwells again in Bortkiewicz - whose originality is, nevertheless, unimpeachable.

On the whole, though, this makes five out of five quality discs, all of which have much pleasure and interest to offer pianophiles in particular and music-lovers in general. This latest gem-studded volume itself verges on the indispensable. Musicweb International 12/2011

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Vol.1 & 5;

While Lamentations et Consolations has been recorded before by Stephen Coombs on Hyperion, it appears the other works on the current disc aren?t currently available, making this a significant release. That?s especially true since Finnish pianist Jouni Somero, a student of György Cziffra, has Bortkiewicz?s late-Romantic pianistic lexicon at his fingertips. Somero is a fine colorist and, being a Cziffra student, can do full justice to the Lisztian strain so prominent in Bortkiewicz?s early style, including, of course, the explosive virtuosic turns here and there in this collection.

It?s very appealing that Volume 1 includes works from early and late in Bortkiewicz?s career. Presumably, future installments will follow the same course. With a varied program, superior pianism, and natural piano sound, this first volume bodes well for the rest of the series. Stay tuned!
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An Anthology of Finnish Piano Music Vol.1-5 Rewie in Music web international 11/2011:

"A generous and adventurous cross-section of Finnish piano music in elite versions and healthy open recordings."

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Rebikov: Piano Works Rewie in MusicWeb international 4/12 "Finnish pianist Jouni
Somero is a pianistic powerhouse. He vies in multifarious enthusiasm for neglected composers with the likes of Michael Ponti in his Vox piano concerto series in the 1970s. He has already given us five volumes of Finnish piano music, a series of eight volumes of Bortkiewicz as well as single disc selections by Godard and many others. This is the fifth disc in his Russian Project. Previous instalments were: FCRCD-9720 Tchaikovsky 1; FCRCD-9724 Arensky; FCRCD-9728 Tchaikovsky 2; FCRCD-9732 Rubinstein"
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Salmenhaara: Piano Chamber
Music: "Very nice, Romantic sounding and easy to listen to" Read more:

Jouni Somero


"Finnish pianist Jouni Somero is a pianistic powerhouse" MusicWeb International 2012

Pianotaiteilija Jouni Somero on yksi ahkerimmin esiintyviä suomalaisia muusikoita.Hän on soittanut uransa aikana yli 3200 konserttia eripuolilla maailmaa: Australia, Japani, Ukraina, Espanja,Ranska, Saksa, Unkari, Ruotsi, Tanska, Ranska, Espanja, Sveitsi,Viro, Kosovo, Venäjä, Brasilia ja Kanada ovat Suomen lisäksi olleet kiertuelistalla.
Vuonna 1963 syntynyt Somero aloitti musiikkiopinnot 8-vuotiaana uruilla ja vaihtoi 12-vuotiaana pianoon.Pianonsoittoa hän on opiskellut mm. Kölnin musiikkikorkeakoulussa prof.Herbert Drechselin luokalla. Erityisesti Lisztin tulkintaa Somero on opiskellut legendaarisen Georges Cziffran oppilaana. 1980-luvun Somero asui Saksassa ja toimi mm. Düsseldorfin musiikkikorkeakoulussa assistenttina.Vuodesta 1990 hän on toiminut pelkästään konsertoivana pianistina. Somero tekee yhteistyötä useiden kotimaisten huippulaulajien kanssa. Hän on myös pitänyt laulumusiikin tulkinta kursseja. Somero on palkittu Rio De Janeiron kansainvälisissä musiikkikilpailuissa.Jouni Somero on yksi eniten levyttäneimpiä suomalaisia pianisteja. Yli 100 levytyksen joukossa on sooloa, kamarimusiikkia ja Liediä. Soololevyistä erityisesti hänen Bach ( Die Kunst der Fuge ja Das Wohltemperierte Klavier) ja Liszt ( Etudes d’execution transcendante ja Harmonies Poetiques et Religieuses sekä Beethoven-Liszin 1& 5 Sinfonia) sekä Venäläisen pianomusiikin levytykset ovat keränneet kiitosta myös ulkomaisissa musiikkilehdissä.Somerolta on valmistunut viiden cd:n kokonaisuus ”Suomalaisen pianomusiikin Antologia”, joka kattaa pianoteoksia vuosilta 1798-1943. Somero on levyttänyt Erkki Salmenhaaran koko soolopiano- ja kamarimusiikkituotannon ja  ensimmäisenä pianistina koko Sergei Bortkiewiczin pianotuotannon. Somero on levyttänyt myös Pjtor Tchaikovskyn ja Toivo Kuulan koko pianotuotannon.
 Lisätietoja:   Jounin kotisivut:

Jouni Somero (b. 1963) is one of the most active Finnish musicians on the scene today. So far he has given over 3,200 concerts all over the world, including Australia, Japan, Ukraine, France, Spain, Suisse, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Kosovo, Spain, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada and Finland. He began studying the organ when he was eight years old but switched to the piano at the age of 12, studying the latter in Switzerland and at the Music Academy in Cologne under Professor Herbert Drechsel. Under the legendary Hungarian pianist Georges Cziffra he gained a deeper insight into the music of Liszt. Michael Ponti, the American virtuoso, has also acted as Somero's musical advisor. From 1981 to 1989 Somero lived in Germany, working as an assistant at the Music Academy of Düsseldorf and in other capacities. Since 1990 he has pursued his career solely as a concert pianist. He was awarded a diploma at the International Music Competition in Rio de Janeiro.
Jouni Somero's recording career began in 1989 (with Liszt's 12 Transcendental Etudes), since when he has made over 100 discs for different labels (Naxos, BMG, MILS, Jubal, FC-Records etc). These include Bach's Das Wohltemperierte Klavier and Die Kunst der Fuge, Liszt's Harmonies Poètiques et Religieuses, Liszt's transcriptions of Beethoven's Symphonies 1 and 5, Rebikov's Piano Works, Henselt's Concert Etudes, Op. 2, Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, Rachmaninov Piano Works ( Vol.1-4 ) An Anthology of Finnish Piano Music (Vol. 1-5 ) and the world premiere recording of several piano works by Felix Blumenfeld and Benjamin Godard. He also recorded the complete piano music of Sergei Bortkiewicz ( Vol.1-9 ) and Pjotor Tchaikowsky (Vol.1-6)

Somero's wide repertoire includes almost all the solo piano works of Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky and Bortkiewicz as well as seldom heard music by such composers as Alkan, Godard, Arensky, Godowsky, Henselt, Thalberg, Glinka, Blumenfeld, Rebikov, Reinhold, Rubinstein and Gottschalk. He has also made many piano arrangements of orchestral, operatic and pop music.

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